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  • Developing a base for international scientific innovation for the future of Tohoku, Japan

    “Industry, Academia, and Government Global Innovation Zone” will help develop the new Tohoku.

    In August of 2013, the ILC Strategy Committee, which was comprised of researchers, announced that they recommended the Kitakami Area (Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, both in the Tohoku Region) as the primary candidate site for the ILC. In response to this decision, Tohoku is committed to inviting the ILC and other accelerator projects targeting 2030, as well as seeking accumulation of related industries.

    As the core, one of the most advanced facilities, the ILC, will be built in an enormous underground tunnel that spans 31–50 km.

    For this international collaboration project in experimental particle physics, this advanced facility comprising of the world’s finest science, technology, and manufacturing, will be built in a huge underground tunnel. It is expected that such a cutting-edge project will develop new technology and could even found an industry that leads the world.

    The ILC will create a center for international science and technology innovation in Tohoku.

    If the ILC is realized, the world’s finest science and technology, along with approximately 10,000 international researchers, will gather in Tohoku with their families. Many short-term researchers and corporate technicians will also gather in Tohoku. Exchanges with these people will create a new base for international science technology innovation in Tohoku.

  • Promotional video Move Forward! The ILC and the New Tohoku (duration: 3:38)

    This video illustrates the outline of the ILC and Tohoku’s diverse movements for the ILC, featuring various sectors, such as industry, academia, government, and the grassroots movement. The video also introduces the potential this characteristic region in Japan has, along with its beauty and history.

  • Potential of the Tohoku Region

    The Tohoku Region and the neighboring Kanto Region are home to industries related to accelerator research institutions.

    • Many of Japan’s key research institutions, such as KEK and Riken, are in the area north of Tokyo.
    • Tohoku sees a dense accumulation of technologies related to accelerator research, such as suppliers related to the accelerator industry and companies that possess element technologies, including metal machining.

    The networks of industry, academia, and government will work together to accumulate the manufacturing of technologies.

    • The Tohoku area is home to higher education institutes that have produced remarkable research results and has excellent human resources, such as national universities.
    • Tohoku University’s tradition of industry-academia collaboration dates before WWII, and its openness, which has welcomed a number of international students, will be the foundation for international scientific innovations for the next generation.
    • There are a number of companies that have highly sophisticated manufacturing technologies supplying global electronics companies and car manufacturers.
    • The Tokeiren Business Center provides support for commercializing new technologies, has expertise in areas such as marketing and sales, and a specialist network. 

    Tohoku offers safe, comfortable cities and efficient transportation infrastructure.

    • Tohoku possess well-developed transportation, including five Shinkansen lines, multiple airports, and numerous highways, making transportation among the Tohoku Region smooth in relation to Tokyo and the city’s surrounding areas.
    • In cities of the Tohoku Region, life maintains a good, sustainable balance of the natural environment and urban convenience.
  • Tohoku Region is full of beautiful nature and rich history

    • Tohoku is blessed with rich nature, characterized by Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan’s first World Natural Heritage Site, and a Ramsar Site Izunuma Lake, among other remarkable sites.
    • Tohoku features numerous historical sites that convey its unique history, such as the World Heritage Site Hiraizumi and Jomon archaeological sites in northern Tohoku. 

  • Tohoku ILC Activities

    The video introduces you to various activities for the ILC that are already happening in the Tohoku Region of Japan. People from a variety of contexts, occasions, and backgrounds are actively promoting the ILC.

  • ILC Messages

    Chie Hikichi

    CEO, Kudo Electric Co., Ltd.

    Amanda Wayama

    Iwate Prefecture International Communications Officer

    “Super Science High School” Participant 

    Niigata Minami High School Student

    Ayako Ogata

    Manager, OGATA, Inc.

    Masako Inaba

    CEO, Tabimusubi, Inc.

    Reiko Nikaido

    5th Generation Owner, Maruni Foods Inc.

    ILC Support Committee Members

    Dr. Klaus Sinram

    Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)

    Craig MacDonald

    Currere Sendai English Solution

    DESY Members

    Anna Thomas

    Oshu City ILC Internationalization Coordinator

    Nathan Hill

    Ichinoseki City ILC Promotion Division

  • Companies with Technologies Related to the Accelerator

    The list below introduces you to several companies that possess technologies related to the accelerator. The list is by no means exhaustive, and as there is a strong accumulation of technologies and companies related to the accelerator in the Tohoku region, construction and operation of the ILC in Tohoku will be hugely beneficial for both local and academic communities.

    Chida Seimitsu Inc. (Oshu, Iwate Prefecture) PDF

    OHTAKE ROOT KOGYO CO., LTD (Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture) PDF

    C&A Corporation (Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture) PDF

    Kyoyu Co., Ltd. (Misato, Miyagi Prefecture) PDF

    TDC Corporation (Rifu, Miyagi Prefecture) PDF

    Akita Kagaku Inc. (Nikaho, Akita Prefecture) PDF

    Takahashi Keisei Inc. (Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture) PDF

    Nakano Kagaku Inc. (Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture) PDF

    WELCON Inc. (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture) PDF

  • About This Site

    This website is for promoting Tohoku's bid for the ILC, presented jointly by the Tohoku ILC Council and Tokeiren Business Center.

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